28 September 2018

हाई कोर्ट लखनऊ: 68500 शिक्षक भर्ती सोनिका देवी मामले की सुनवाई का आर्डर आया: नेक्स्ट हियरिंग डेट 08/10/2018

*हाई कोर्ट लखनऊ*

#68500 शिक्षक भर्ती
#सोनिका देवी मामले की सुनवाई का आर्डर
#नेक्स्ट हियरिंग डेट # *08/10/2018*



?Court No. - 23 
Case :- SERVICE SINGLE No. - 24172 of 2018 
Petitioner :- Sonika Devi 
Respondent :- State Of U.P. Thru. Prin. Secy. Basic Edu. And Ors. 
Counsel for Petitioner :- Ajay Sharma 
Counsel for Respondent :- C.S.C.,Ajay Kumar 

Hon'ble Irshad Ali,J. 
Heard learned counsel for the petitioner and to the learned Advocate General. 
In compliance of the order passed by this Court, a 5 pages enquiry report has been placed before this Court. 
On its perusal, it is not reflected that in the conduct of written examination, who were involved in change of copies of the candidates inasmuch as the examiner, who has awarded marks has also not been traced out in the enquiry. In the enquiry, it is admitted that the firm, which was allocated duties for bar coding has admitted the change of pages in 12 copies, in spite of that, there is no whisper in regard to the recommendation of taking action against the firm by the enquiry committee. 
In view of the above, on the request made by learned Advocate General, put up this matter as fresh along with the connected writ petitions on 8.10.2018, on which date, learned Advocate General shall produce the progress in the enquiry conducted by the enquiry committee constituted under the order of the State Government along with an affidavit before this Court. 
It is however made clear that as per the statement of the learned Advocate General that revaluation of 100% candidates is going on, the progress in that shall also be brought on record on the date fixed so that necessary order be passed. 
Order Date :- 27.9.2018 / Gautam 


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