सभी प्रधानाध्यापक उक्त बिंदुओं पर गंभीरता से संज्ञान लें।

Dear DMs and CDOs,

Please note the 4 key to-do items for this month where we need your leadership and handholding for the department:

1. *Operation Kayakalp:* As per independent survey conducted in the month of July the state-wide saturation rate for 19 parameters is 82% (District-wise saturation % attached herewith). The timeline for *100% saturation* has been set as *March 2024*. We have to work intensely on 5 parameters - Boundary wall (through MNREGA), Electrification (through Gram Panchayat Funds) , CwSN toilet (Gram Panchayat Funds), Running water (through Jal Jeevan Mission), Furniture (through CSR, Gram Panchayat fund, Composite Grant, DMF, Urban Local Body Funds etc.)

2. *Student Attendance:* Most districts are reporting *between 40% to 60% student attendance*. To improve this, a focused *school inspection campaign* through DTF & BTF will be conducted this month where inspections will be done on the *Prerna Inspection App*. Timely action against defaulting teachers & officials from your level is needed in this campaign. Also, community engagement and outreach programs such as PTMs, Annual Days, SMC Meetings, Door to Door Home Visits by School Teachers, Interaction with Parents etc. are found to be very effective in improving student attendance in school which need to be implemented on mission mode.

3. *NIPUN Bharat:* Run rate based monitoring against target of *10 ARP selected NIPUN Schools (100% students are grade competent), Shikshak Sankul own schools, & Super 100 Blocks* needs to be done. Quarterly NIPUN census Assessment i.e. NIPUN Assessment Test (NAT) will be held between Sep 11 - Sep 16 and DIET students will conduct sample assessments of students of every school in each district on NIPUN Lakshya App in October. Please sensitize the teachers in your districts so that they are ready for these assessments. Overall, we are targeting to make two-thirds of schools NIPUN by this academic year.

4. *Direct Benefit Transfer:* Please review the *Aadhar not made accounts* and *Aadhar not seeded/verified accounts* of parents/students. Teachers have to ensure that this exercise is completed in the coming 10 days so that we are able to transfer the funds to each student/parent by the end of this month.

We look forward to your leadership and supervision in these tasks.

Thank you. 

Deepak Kumar,
ACS, School Education.